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Encoder / Decoder
Description Features
• SDI loop out Support
• Encoding format: H.265 / H.264 / MJPEG
• Maximum resolution frame rate: 1920 x1080
Low-latency private : 200 ms
• Video protocol: RTMP/RTSP/HTTP TS/HTTP FLV/HLS/UDP multicast/
RTP multicast
• Support Onvif search and browse video docking with NVR
• Audio: SDI audio input or 3.5mm external audio input, supports
• Configure parameters and upgrade firmware through WEB

Model No.  VCF-HN001-HD
 Video(Audio) Input  SDI x 1 -  1 set of SDI signal built-in audio,
                1 set of SDI signal external audio
 Video(Audio) Output  SDI x 1 -  1 set of SDI signal built-in audio
 Video Encoding / Encoding type  H.264, H.265, M-JPEG
 Bitrate(Kbit)  Adjustable
 Encoding Resolution  Up to 1920x1080 (Same as input resolution)
 H.264 Modle  High Profile, Main Profile, Base Line
 Streaming adjustments  CBR, VBR Adjustable
 Media Transmission Protocols  RTMP/RTSP/HTTP TS/HTTP FLV/HLS/UDP Multicast/RTP Multicast
 Audio Encoding  AAC, MP3, MP2, AC3 Adjustable
 Audio encoding sample rate  44100 ~ 48000 Adjustable
 Audio Video
 Audio bitrate
 AAC : 48000 ~ 320000 Adjustable  
 MP3 : 64000 ~ 320000 Adjustable
 MP2 : 64000 ~ 320000 Adjustable 
 AC3 : 40000 ~ 640000 Adjustable
 Volume  Adjustable
 Ethernet Port  100M
 Network configurationt  Web settings
 ONVIF  Support
 Power Supply  12VDC 2A
 Power Consumption  3W
 Operating Temperature  -20ºC ~ 60ºC, Humidity 90% or less (non-condensing)
 Dimensions  125 x 103 x 30 mm
 Weight  280g

 Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
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