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VIR-1150 150M
Description Features
* High efficiency cooling structure aluminium case
* Dual power input: DC12V / AC24V
* IP66 Aluminum Fashion Housing
* 147 PCs IR LED
* IR Effect Degree is 25°(Outdoor)
* IR Effect Distance is 150m (Outdoor)
* Remark: Non-regulative adaptor may cause
Illuminator damaged.

 Type                                      Outdoor
IR LED                                 147 Pieces
Luminaire                            850nm IR LED
Angle                                    25°(Outdoor)
Emissive Power                18W
IR Distance                         150m (Outdoor)
Control                                  CDS/10Lux ON
Power supply                      DC12V±10%
Consumption                      DC1400mA
Dimension                          Φ157×228mm
Weight                                  2230g
Color                                    Black
Storage Temperature       -30°C to +60°C
Operating Temperature   -10°C to +40°C
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